League F.A.Q.’s

Answers to commonly asked questions…

What is the minimum age requirement to play in the MOFL?

Our league is a men’s 50+ league.  You must be 50 years of age or turning 50 during the year you register to play.

How much does it cost to play in the MOFL?

For 2023 player fees are $200 if paid prior to the early bird deadline and $225 after.  Your team shirt is included but it must be returned at the end of the year.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We prefer that the player league fee is paid online (at the same time as the registration form submission) via our website or through an E-transfer but we also accept Cash and Cheques as a last resort only.

Is there any other costs to play in the league?

Quick answer is NO!  In fact, your league fee also includes 2 tickets to the year-end banquet & dance as well as the BBQ on Championship Day for players & family.  There are additional, optional league events which may have a cost associated to participate i.e., Annual League Golf Day, Social Outings

How many teams are there, the # of players per team and how many games are in a season?

There are currently 5 teams but we are aggressively promoting the league as to grow it in 2024.  On each team there are up to 15 players typically.  Each team will have 20 regular season games, followed by 5 playoff games after the regular season and then the 1-day League Championship Day tournament.

What are the typical days that games are played on?

All league games are played on either a Mon, Tues. or Wed. with the very rare Thurs.  The only exception is the Leagues Championship Day Tourney which is held in Sept. on a Sat.

What field(s) are the MOFL games play at?

We currently play at Maplehurst Ball Diamond in Milton only. The only exception being that we play the year-ending League Championship 1-Day tournament at the ballpark in Brookville.

What time do they games start and how long are they?

All games start @ 7pm sharp and have a 90-minute max. playtime to complete the game.

How many innings are the games?

All games are 7-innings, no extra innings.  If there is a tie at the end of the game each team is awarded 1-point.

How are “rainouts” managed?

We do not reschedule rained out games.  Instead, we register the game as a tie and each team gets 1-point.

Can we bring and use out own bat?

Although this is currently under review for the upcoming 2023 season, as of now players cannot use their own bats and must use the league supplied bats.

Does the league allow metal cleats?

No!  Only soft-rubber cleats or running shoes may be worn.

How do I get onto an MOFL team?

We welcome any player calibre / skill level and teams are established each year via a draft.  To get on a team you merely need to register and pay your league fee online on our website www.mofl.ca.