Baseball is the game we learn to love as kids…  and there’s no reason why we must stop playing merely because our younger days and playing skills are passing us by. Baseball is a game for all ages as you’re never too old to play and continue to enjoy the greatest game on earth.

Since being founded back in 2003, our Mission has been to provide a fun, friendly, competitive and safe environment where baseball nuts over the age of 50 years; from Milton and the surrounding communities, can continue to play the game they love.

League Overview:
  • The ball season normally starts on the first Monday in May and ends in mid Sept.
  • For 2023, the league registration fee is $200 if paid prior to the “early bird” deadline and $225 if paid after
  • The season consists of a 20-game regular season and a 4-game round robin playoff over the 19-week period. Most weeks each team plays 1-game but each team does have 5 2-game weeks during the season
  • All games are 7-innings and from 7 to 8:30pm played at the Maplehurst Diamond – 401 & Martin Street, Milton ON
  • All league games are played on either a Mon, Tues. or Wed. with the very rare Thurs.  The only exception is the Leagues Championship Day Tourney which is held in Sept. on a Sat.
  • The caliber of players is a combination of some good, some not-so-good and a lot of used-to-be-good!
  • Teams are chosen and balanced each year by assigning players to teams by way of a draft subject to player ratings
  • 5 teams of 15 players including a Team & Asst. Mgr.
  • Defensively, 11 players take the field each inning
  • Offensively all players are in the batting line up all game and everyone gets equal playing time
  • All games are “self-umpired” with the team at bat supplying the umpires
  • Rainouts during the regular season are counted as ties and are not rescheduled
  • The league ending championship day games held in Sept. at Brookville Park are a single knockout tournament format with a free barbecue – a very nice family day!
  • Included in the league fee are 2 tickets to the year-end banquet/dance at the Grand Chalet in Milton ON
  • The league hosts a fun annual golf day typically scheduled for the end of June (not covered in league registration fee’s)
Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary!

“Twenty years ago I got a call from Mike Boughton on my 50th birthday telling me they are starting a 50 and over slo-pitch league. The MOFL was born. That first year we pulled together 4 teams and our championship and banquet were on the same day (I’m sure there were a few sore headaches the next day). Our motto is and has always been let’s have fun on & off the diamond. I ‘ve met many great guys and made many friends over the years so mission accomplished. I hope what we started back in 2003 continues on for many years!”

Denis Heroux

How It All Started…

Seeds for starting a new over 50 slo-pitch league initially were planted back in 2001 when Paul Scherer held a pool party at the end of his over 35 league season. During the party a discussion arose amongst a number of the over 35 league players who were going leave the league and go play in Oakville’s over 50. It was then that Paul suggested that they collectively start their own over 50 league; which they did, and called it the “Founding Fathers”.

The founders organized local sponsors, recruited players via local ads, and obtained diamond permits from the town.  The founders formed an executive committee for what is now called the MOFL.  The 1st committee consisted of:  Paul Scherer, Doug Leal, Chris Heath, ‘Stumper’ Davidson,  Pierre Debie, Murray Van Wart, Bill Flipping, Don Russel and Mike Boughton. With the executive team in place, they established a league mission statement, rules, and the 1st schedule. On May 1st, 2003 4 inaugural teams hit the field named:  Alfied, Millside, Ivy Arms and McKeown’s and the MOFL was born!  Proud of what they had started, that the league is still going strong celebrating it’s 20th year.

As fondly remembered by Doug Leal

The ’23 MOFL Executive Team

Interim President

Bob Noble –
Sponsor Relations, Championship Day Coordinator

Equipment Manager

Denis Heroux –
Y.E. Banquet Coord., Player Ratings, Equip. Mgr.


Bob Conrad –
League Financials, Statistics, Registration, Draft,
Schedule, Web Dev. & Maintenance


Gerry Coveny –
Executive Meeting Minutes, Town Liaison

Past MOFL League Champions

2022- Derry Pharmacy

Mgr.: Gerry Coveny

2012 League Winners - JVB Meats

2021 – JVB Meats

Mgr.: Scott Gillard

2019 League Winners - Ivy Arms

2019 – Ivy Arms

Mgr.: Tom Charron

2018 League Winners - Ivy Arms

2018 – Ivy Arms

Mgr.: Val Di Nardo

2017 League Winners - Ivy Arms

2017 – Ivy Arms

Mgr.: Mike Bugala