MOFL Constitution

Nov 26, 2018

1.      Name

The name of this organization shall be the Milton Old Friends League, hereinafter referred to as the “MOFL” or the “League”.

2.      Mission Statement

The MOFL Mission Statement is included in the Mission Statement and Rules section of our website (

3.      Membership

a) Any male slo-pitch player who is a minimum age of 50 years during the current calendar year is eligible to apply to participate in the League.

b) Acceptance into the League is at the sole discretion of League Executive.

c) Members shall be respectful of other League members regardless of ability.

d) No abuse of public facilities used by the League or abuse of League Officials or Umpires will be tolerated.

e) Members shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner that is consistent with the League’s expectations and Constitution.

f) Any member violating League Rules or Constitution may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the League

4.      Annual Fees

a) Annual player fees will be determined by the League’s Executive and are due no later than the specified cut-off date. N.S.F. cheques will be subject to a service charge based on the bank charges incurred by the League and may, at the discretion of the Executive, be grounds for application rejection.

b) A full refund will be granted to any registered player (in good standing) whose withdrawal notification is received prior to the start of the season.

c) Players in good standing who, during the season, opt out of the League will be given a pro rata refund based on a 25-game schedule, including the playoff round robin.

d) Replacement players joining the league after the commencement of the schedule will be required to pay a pro rata fee based on the games remaining in the season including the playoff round robin.

e) No refunds will be issued, and no replacement players will be added after July 15.

5.      Player Acceptance and Priority

a) Any player, in good standing, from the previous season is eligible to return, but will be given priority only up until the established cut-off date for registration.

b) After the cut-off date, qualified applicants will be considered for participation in the following order, with the earliest registered being the first selected from each group:

i. Players from the previous season, only if they have registered before individuals in the following groups

ii. Players on the previous year’s injured list who wish to return to active play

iii. Former players who left the League in previous years and now wish to rejoin

iv. Players on the previous year’s wait list who have registered for the current season

v. New players

6.      Executive

a) The authority over and governance of the MOFL shall be vested in the Executive consisting of seven players who are active or past participants in the League.

b) Each Executive shall be assigned to one or more of the positions listed in section 8.

c) The Executive shall serve without remuneration and no member of the Executive shall directly or indirectly receive any profit from his position as such, but he may be reimbursed for reasonable, out-of-pocket expenses incurred by him in the performance of his duties.

d) The Executive shall be empowered to direct, manage, supervise and control all operations, communications and finances of the MOFL.

e) Vacancies on the Executive for the upcoming year will be filled by a vote of League members, conducted during the playoffs.

f) In the event that any of the Executive positions becomes vacant for any reason whatsoever during the year, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment of the President and ratified by the Executive.

g) Should any one member of the Executive miss three consecutive meetings or four meetings in total, the President shall have the power to appoint a replacement which will be ratified by the Executive.

h) If at any time an Executive abuses his position or conducts himself in a manner contrary to the best interest of the League and its members, his position on the Executive may be revoked by a two thirds majority vote of the Executive.

i) Each Executive shall hold office for two years, unless he resigns or his position becomes vacant by death, removal or other cause.

j) Each Executive may run for re-election at the end of his two-year term.

k) Members of the Executive will be Team Mangers or Team Representatives.

l) The Executive can also appoint current or former players as Team Managers or Team Representatives.

7.      Executive Meetings

a) The Executive will meet monthly or as required during the year at a time and place decided by the President.

b) Additional meetings may also be held at the call of a majority of the Executive.

c) The Executive meetings are open to the general membership on an invitation basis only, as approved by a majority of the Executive.

d) A quorum will consist of a simple majority of the Executive members.

e) A simple majority of votes is required to pass a motion.

f) The President votes only in situations where he is required to break a tie.

8.      Duties of the Executive

8.1          President

a) Presides as chairman at the Executive meetings.

b) Calls meetings of the Executive and the League, as required by the Constitution and as he deems necessary.

c) Creates and circulates Executive meeting agendas.

d) Casts the deciding vote at any Executive meeting in the event of a tie.

e) Represents the League at any functions requiring a representative from the League.

f) Conducts the fall elections in terms of ballot distribution and voting procedures.

g) Ensures that all Executive members are fulfilling their obligations.

h) Assigns additional duties to other Executive members, as he deems necessary.

i) Receives, conducts and reports on all League correspondence.

j) In general, oversees the day-to-day activities of the MOFL.

8.2          Vice President

a) Acts in the capacity of the President in his absence.

8.3          Secretary

a) Records the minutes of all League meetings.

b) Maintains files with accurate records of all meetings, League correspondence, trophy winners, and championship teams.

c) Obtains from the Registrar, at year end, a detailed listing of active players registered at the end of the current season and those on the injured or wait lists.

d) Obtains from the Treasurer, at year end, copies of the banking records and financial statements for the year.

e) Maintains a historical record of the above information and provides a copy to his successor.

8.4          Treasurer

a) Responsible for all financial matters of the League.

b) Keeps accurate and updated records of League finances and prepares financial statements for review at each Executive meeting.

c) Prepares the next season’s operating budget including recommended membership fees for approval by the Executive by July 31 of the current year.

d) Provides a copy of the current year’s banking records and financial statements to the Secretary at year end.

8.5          Equipment Manager

a) Ensures that the League has a sufficient supply of balls, bats and bases.

b) Ensures that the equipment is in good condition.

c) Ensures that the equipment is safely stored.

d) Provides a year-end inventory report of equipment to the Executive.

e) Responsible for the collection, engraving, distribution and safe keeping of all League trophies and awards.

8.6          Town Liaison

a) Arranges allotment of ball fields with the Town of Milton

b) League contact person for the town.

8.7          Sponsor Liaison

a) League contact person for the sponsors.

b) Provides sponsors with invoices and collects fees.

c) Obtains new sponsorship as required.

d) Provides sponsors with schedules showing dates that teams are returning to their bar after games during regular season and playoffs.

8.8          Ratings & Draft Manager

a) Oversees the annual rating of players by the Executive.

b) Responsible for the annual drafting of teams.

c) Prepares team rosters and provide a copy to the League Webmaster.

8.9          Registrar

a) Responsible for the annual registration of players.

b) Maintains records on registered players as well as players on the wait and injured lists.

c) Adds players to team rosters, on a first-come-first-served basis, from the wait and/or injured lists, as required throughout the season, to replace injured or retired players.

d) Provides reports to the Secretary at year end detailing the registered players and players on the wait and injured lists.

8.10      Scheduling Manager

a) Responsible for the scheduling of all games, including the regular season and the play-offs.

b) Prepares a League schedule for approval by the Executive by December 1 of the calendar year so that field permits can be obtained.

c) Provides a copy of the League schedule to the Webmaster.

8.11      Championship Day Manager

a) Responsible for all aspects of the Championship Day tournament.

b) Assigns Championship Day tasks to individual Executive members, as required.

c) Reports on the status of the tournament at Executive meetings.

 8.12      Banquet Manager

a) Responsible for all aspects of the banquet.

b) Assigns Banquet tasks to individual Executive members as required.

c) Reports on the status of the Banquet at Executive meetings

8.13      Umpire-In-Chief

a) League contact person with the volunteer umpires.

b) Schedules umpires for round robin playoff.

c) Schedules umpires for Championship Day.

8.14      Team Manager

a) Responsible for the on-field management and actions of his team and their spectators and report any instances of objectionable conduct to the President.

b) Provides player ratings and opinions at the end of the season to assist in the following year’s draft.

8.15      Team Representative

a) Supports the League’s Mission statement.

b) Communicates to their team members and enforces the League’s Constitution and Rules.

c) Responsible for the safe keeping of team uniforms over the off season.

9.      Rules

a) Slo-Pitch National rules and regulations will generally apply.

b) MOFL modifications to these rules are set down in the Field Rules section on our website.

c) No rule changes shall be made during the season.

10.   Financial Policy

a) The Executive shall decide all matters pertaining to the finances of the organization, bearing the responsibility to conduct the financial affairs of the organization in a sound business-like manner.

b) For financial purposes, the fiscal year will be from November 1st to October 31st.

c) An annual operating budget shall be established by July 31 of the current year to forecast anticipated expenses and to determine projected revenues of the following season.

d) Disbursements from the League’s account can only be made via cheque supported by vouchers.

e) Non-budgeted expenditures for league needs of up to $200 may be authorized by the Treasurer.

f) Non-budgeted expenditures beyond $200 require approval by a majority vote of the Executive.

g) The President and Treasurer will have signing authority with both signatures required on any League cheque.

h) Audits of the League’s financial records may be requested at any time by a member of the Executive and shall be carried out promptly by an accredited person or organization.

i) In the event of the dissolution or winding-up of the League, all of its remaining assets, after payment of all of its liabilities, shall be distributed to a recognized charity as selected by the Executive.

11.   Sponsorship

a) To defray operating expenses of the League, the League may seek financial support from businesses, organizations, or individuals for a fee and length of time as determined by the Executive.

b) Payment of sponsorship fees from any business, organization, or individual will entitle same to have their name appear on League web site, uniforms, or other League material(s).

c) The Executive and Team Managers will do their best to endorse and promote player support for League sponsors.

d) The name of the MOFL and/or its logo may not be used, nor may any reference to it be made in any advertising, promotion, solicitation, or the like, without the written permission of the League.

12.   Amendments to the Constitution

a) Amendments to the Constitution can be made at any regular monthly meeting, provided the amendment was submitted in writing at the previous monthly meeting.

b) Amendments to the Constitution require two-thirds of the Executive to vote in favour.

13.   Privacy and Use of Personal Information

The MOFL will not sell, trade, share or otherwise transfer to outside parties, personally identifiable information such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. However, the League will release personal information to the proper persons when it believes, in good faith, that it is required to comply with a law or legal process, enforce its policies or protect its or others’ rights, property or safety.