The Milton Old Friends League (MOFL)

  • The MOFL was founded for the express purpose of providing a safe and friendly venue for men fifty years of age and older to enjoy the game of Slo-Pitch.
  • We have 6 teams of 15 players and we play 11 players defensively – batting order is used to determine the innings you sit.
  • We attempt to balance the teams each year by assigning players to teams by way of a draft.
  • 60% of the players are in the 60+ age group and our average age is 62 years.
  • Caliber of players is a combination of some good, some not-so-good and a lot of used-to-be-goods.
  • The season starts on the first Monday in May (April 29 in 2019) and ends in mid Sept. (See our 2019 Schedule.)
  • Our season consists of a 20 game regular season and a 5 game round robin playoff over the 19 week period.
  • Each team has 6 two game weeks during the regular season.
  • All games are from 7 to 8:30 pm.
  • Most of our games are at the Lions #1 field – the north diamond at Thompson Rd. & Main Street.
  • We also play 2 or 3 games per team at Omagh Park – Britannia Rd. & 4th Line.
  • Two former players volunteer as the home plate umpire at most of our games.
  • The team at bat provides the first base umpire and, when needed, the home plate umpire.
  • Rainouts during the regular season are counted as ties and are not rescheduled.
  • The championship day at Brookville  is a single knockout tournament with a free barbecue – a nice family day. Check out our Facebook Page for pictures from last year’s event.
  • Included in the league fee are 2 tickets to the year-end banquet/dance at the Grand Chalet in Milton.

We need additional players to fill vacancies created by players leaving the league due to injuries, work commitments, etc. We will fill these vacancies on a first come first served basis. Players not immediately added to our active roster will be placed on our Wait List from which we will draw future replacements. We will prorate your league fee based on the games remaining at the time of your activation. Please complete the attached registration form and submit it as per the instructions on the form.