The Milton Old Friends League (MOFL)

  • The MOFL was founded for the express purpose of providing a safe and friendly venue for men fifty years of age and older to enjoy the game of Slo-Pitch.
  • We normally have 6 teams of 15 players, but in this COVID-19 year we have 5 teams.
  • We play 11 players defensively – batting order is used to determine the innings you sit.
  • We attempt to balance the teams each year by assigning players to teams by way of a draft.
  • 60% of the players are in the 60+ age group and our average age is 62 years.
  • Caliber of players is a combination of some good, some not-so-good and a lot of used-to-be-goods.
  • The season normally starts on the first Monday in May and ends in mid Sept.
  • Our season consists of a 20 game regular season and a 4 game round robin playoff over the 19 week period.
  • Each team has 5 two-game weeks during the season.
  • All games are from 7 to 8:30 pm.
  • All of our games are at the Maplehurst Diamond – 401 & Martin Street.
  • The team at bat provides the umpires.
  • Rainouts during the regular season are counted as ties and are not rescheduled.
  • The championship day at Brookville  is a single knockout tournament with a free barbecue – a nice family day. Check out our Facebook Page for pictures from our last event.
  • Included in the league fee are 2 tickets to the year-end banquet/dance at the Grand Chalet in Milton.