Milton Old Friends League

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                                       Round Robin Playoffs, Tie-Breakers                                               

Round Robin Playoffs:

1.  The regular season final standings will determine which is the home team, with the first place team having home field advantage throughout the Round Robin playoffs and the last place team being the visitor throughout.  Visiting teams will set up the field prior to the game.

2.  All games will be umpired by members assigned by the Executive.

3. For playoff day, the home team will be the team with the best record in the Round Robin.

Tie-Breakers With Two Teams:

1.  Head to head winner.

2.  Best run differential.

3.  Flip a coin.

Tie-Breakers With Three or More Teams:

1.  Best won/lost record between teams tied.

2.  Best run differential between tied teams.

3.  Best run differential between all teams.

4.  Least runs against between tied teams.

5.  Most runs for between tied teams.

6.  Least runs against between all teams.

7.  Most runs for between all teams.

8.  Flip a coin.


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